DMF Submission in China



The Chinese regulatory authority, National Medical Products Admininstration, formerly the SFDA or CFDA, had a pre-market approval policy that allowed the drug substances / Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Pharmaceutical Excipients and Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials to be registered independently.

Since January 01, 2018, the NMPA has launched the Drug Master File (DMF) filing system, in which the the drug substances, pharmaceutical excipients and pharmaceutical packaging materials will be reviewed and evaluated as part of a submission for drug registration. The new system allows these manufacturers to file the DMFs for their own products, and to be reviewed bindingly with their customer's drug submission by referring the the particular DMF numbers.


The following categories of companies who are indending to sell its products to China, should file the DMF for importation:

● Drug substance manufacturers

● Pharmaceutical excipient manufacturers

● Packaging material manufacturers


The domestic applicant, or a local representative of an oversea applicant, should register a User Account in the DMF filing platform, and file in the application form online. Once the DMF submission dossier is prepared according to the applicable technical guidelines, submit it to the Center of Drug Evaluation (CDE) under the National Medical Products Administration for review and validation. After approval, the CDE will publish the DMF number on its official website.

The initial status of the DMF filings will be inactive (status of "I"), and once it passes the review and evaluation through bindingly review with the registration submission of a finished drug formula, the status of the DMF filings will be switched to active (status of "A").


The DMF holder is required to submit an annual update, at the first quarter of every calendar year, to the CDE.

In case, there is any change to the filed information, the DMF holders owe the responsibility and obligation to notify the manufacturer of finished formula immediately. The DMF holders should take the initiaitve to investigate/study the potential impact, of change, on product quality.

When a manufacturers of finished drug formula uses the filed product in the drug formula, all the DMF holders need to do is to issue a Letter of Authorization to the manufacturers of finished drug formula, so as to refer to the filed dossier for bindingly review.

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