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PHDS enjoys a high reputation and widespread acclaim for successful food additive registration experience in China for over 20 years. PHDS provides high quality, high efficiency and reliable service of food additives regulatory consulting and registration for clients from over 54 countries. As an expert in regulatory affairs in China, PHDS possesses enormous successful registration experience for food additives. PHDS gest your products into China faster.

Food Additives in China

In China, permitted Chinese food additives are listed in the regulation GB 2760-2011 Food Safety National Standards for the Usage of Food Additives.

In accordance with international practice, Chinese food additives regulation is based on the principle that they are technically necessary and proven to be safe. Food additives can only be used if they are covered in the national food safety standards, within the list of allowable food additives of the Ministry of Health, and within the scope of allowed applications and dosage levels.

Food additives that do not meet these criteria need to be registered as new food additives. The process is detailed below.

Food additives should not be intended to cover up food rancidness, quality defects (in the food itself or during processing) or be used for adulteration or falsification, or reduce the nutritional value of food.

Levels of food additives should be as low as possible. Unless a residue level is specified, food processing aids used in the course of food processing should be removed.

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