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I am very pleased to welcome you to PHDS. The last few years of PHDS' history have been very successful regarding all areas within the organization as a result of our long- term commitments to high and consistent service quality. Tracking the continuing maturity of our applications, PHDS attained a reputation as one of the most reliable candidate in China Contract Research Organization (CRO) market.

As a leading China CRO, PHDS is dedicated to providing an array of professional clinical development services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, functional food, medical device, cosmetics, and food industries. We deliver a unique contribution to helping our clients to obtain approbation from China healthcare and other relevant authorities (Ministry of Health P. R. China , State Food Drug Administration P.R. China , Ministry of Agriculture P. R. China, and China Patent Trademark Office.) for their submissions and emerge in China market. Meanwhile, we also utilize the latest IT technologies to develop software and solutions to cover more needs in the healthcare industry. Our unique PHDS-HMIS was designed to improve Healthcare management by making information instant, easy to access, update and available upon request in order to improve quality, reduce time loss and enhance efficiency.

We aim to create added values in the field of healthcare and contribute to health and well-being. At PHDS, we have been pursuing this mission with Integrity, coherency, creativity, and assiduity. The combined strength of our therapeutic expertise, clinical development experience and regulatory affairs proficiency, coupled with the strong support from pharmaceutical and medical experts, good cooperative relationship with investigation sites, and effective communications with Chinese authorities, equip us to provide high quality services tailored to each individual client, achieve prestige in both domestic and oversea industries, and continue success and progress.

I always consider our staff as the most important assets of PHDS. The whole group of professional, dedicated and passionate people prompts PHDS to operate on a well-defined business model, assists PHDS' culture being ingrained in business, and ensures the consistency of PHDS performance on problem solving and timeline managing.

Once again, welcome to PHDS, a great CRO that is translating a great vision into reality---We strive for excellence and stand for excellence!