Dietary Supplement Registration


PHDS in Dietary Supplement Registration

PHDS enjoys a high reputation and widespread acclaim for successful registration experience in China for over 25 years for health food, dietary supplement, food ingredients and GRAS products. PHDS provides high quality, high efficiency and reliable service of regulatory consulting and registration for clients from over 50 countries. As an expert in regulatory affairs in China, PHDS possesses enormous successful registration experience for health food.

The regulatory management of China's dietary supplement industry has always been a controversial issue especially over the pasted years. CFDA requires companies to apply for a registration before marketing. The registration is referred to as a "blue hat" registration because the logo resembles a blue hat. Most registration could cost upwards of $100,000 or more per product depending on what claim is being made and what the ingredients are, then various laboratory tests and animal tests would be taken. PHDS as a leading professional expert in such regulatory affairs has a very high efficient and high successful rate for the registration with CFDA.

Therefore, choosing PHDS is to book a market share in advance for your products.