Cosmetics Registration

In China, cosmetic products are health-related products, so Chinese government asks all cosmetic industries to register their cosmetic products before they wish to market their cosmetic products. Cosmetics imported into China first time face tight regulatory control.

The Definition of Cosmetics and Classification

Definition of Cosmetics in China

In China, the “Cosmetic Health Supervision Regulations” defines cosmetics as daily chemistry products that is the application of cosmetics spraying, sprinkling or other similar methods, impose on the human body (skin, hair, nail means, lips, etc.) in order to achieve a clean, maintenance, landscaping, exterior modification and change, or amendment to the human body order, for the purpose of maintaining the well-being.

Classification of Cosmetics in China

In China, the Ministry of Health (MOH) and State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) classify cosmetic products into 2 categories: ordinary cosmetics and special cosmetics.

Ordinary cosmetics are items such as hair care, lipsticks, nail care and perfume.

Special cosmetics are products containing biological ingredients, such as, hair nourishment, hair-dye, hair perm, hair removing, breast massage, body-building, deodorant, fading cream and anti-sunburn lotion, total nine functions.

About Approval Certificate and Applicant

Qualifications Needed for CFDA Registration

Only the cosmetics manufacturer can be the applicant for imported cosmetics registration with CFDA in China, while the applicant of new raw materials of imported cosmetics should be the manufacturer of new raw materials.

If a manufacturer, distributor etc, wishes to market their cosmetic products within China while they are located outside of China, whether the ordinary or special cosmetic, they must entrust a Chinese legal company to take charge all registration things which take charge the law responsibility for the registration procedure, this Chinese legal company is called China responsible unit.

The products must be allowed to be freely sold and manufactured in its original local country (region).

Validation Date of the Imported Cosmetics Approval Certificate

The validation of cosmetics approval certificate (registration certificate) is four years.

When apply for renewal of the certificate, the application could be made four months in advance of the validation date.

Imported Cosmetics Registration/Filing Process and Periods

The imported ordinary cosmetics approval process now is taken through a filling program, while the special cosmetics is taken through registration procedure. In general, the two procedures are almost the same. The only difference is that the special cosmetics would be evaluated by technical specialists in CFDA, then, as a consequence, it would take a longer time.

1. Imported ordinary cosmetics CFDA registration process: filing the power of attorney about responsible company in China, sample testing, registration applying, form review, technique review, issue certificate and so on.

2. Imported special cosmetics CFDA registration process: filing the power of attorney about responsible company in China, sample testing, registration applying, technique evaluation, issue certificate and so on.

Tests Required during the Cosmetics Registration

According to Cosmetic Health Supervision Regulations, Hygienic Standards for Cosmetics and Procedures and Methods of Safety Evaluation for Cosmetics, microorganism test, sanitary chemical test, pH value test, toxicology test, body safety and functional test are generally required for registration. The testing period can be 2-4 months, while some special functions required to do human trials, then the time would be longer.