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Orgazational Strength

Our Operation

We understand and follow the best practice in global CRO industry.

Highly efficient communication is a big focus while working with our world-wide clients. Rarely will you wonder what to do and where to go.

Right resources are lined up to ensure reliable performance and service delivery throughout entire service agreement.


New Technology Incorporated Information Management System

By applying the world-wide accepted standards and allowing maximum solutions integration, PHDS utilizes latest information technology and researches to develop the HMIS/MT/FAS products in helping healthcare organizations achieve scientific, systematic and smart information management system.


Our People

High scientific credentials and expertise give our clients the highest possible level of confidence of working with us.

Every project team is trained very well to identify evitable risks, coordinate with agency experts and drive entire project smoothly and successfully.

Enthusiasm, eagerness, and diligence provide us harmonious team chemistry that makes you feel working with us are essentially same as working with your team.


Best-of-Hybrid Operation Development Environment

Right combination of the best resources is the key of our success. PHDS is based on a well-established relationship with local and global experts and officials. We also keep good and long-run collaboration with local and international research institutes to be more helpful to you. Understanding China regulatory compliance very well is not to claim we are experts, but to find out the best approach to bring your products into China faster.



CEO of PHDS was invited to as a special guest to attend the Opening Ceremony of Fifteenth China International Week of Science and Peace.