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Our Values

In pursuit of becoming the top CRO, PHDS is guided by four core values:

Safety, Integrity & Responsibility
Commitment to the highest standards of safety, personal conduct and business integrity around the world.

At PHDS, we …

  • Make safety a precondition for everything we do
  • Communicate openly and honestly, being truthful and ethical in every situation
  • Proactively safeguard ourselves, others and the environments in which we do business
  • Demand the highest standards of business and personal conduct

Employee Opportunity and Development
Commitment to providing employees with challenging and rewarding work opportunities and to developing skills needed to excel in a global environment.

At PHDS, we …

  • Attract, develop and retain employees who achieve results while living the core values
  • Continuously learn, accept challenges and achieve personal potential
  • Value differences while treating each other fairly and with respect
  • Know what is expected, lead by example and make a positive impact

Customer-Focused Growth and Innovation
Commitment to growing globally and profitably through innovative solutions that anticipate customers’ needs and deliver value.

At PHDS, we …

·         Invest in businesses and regions that profitably support our customers and create growth opportunities

·         Think globally and strive to meet or exceed customer expectations

·         Always seek new and better ways to create value for customers and the company

·         Pursue customers, suppliers and other business partners who recognize the value of PHDS products and services

Productivity, Performance & Results
Commitment to increasing the strength and value of our performance-driven company by using best-in-class processes, making fact-based decisions and setting the highest expectations for individual and company results.

At PHDS, we …

·         Possess a sense of urgency to drive for excellent results and continuous improvement

·         Accept personal accountability and commit to meet goals and objectives

·         Use analytical tools to make fact-based decisions and take informed actions

·         Demonstrate the courage to make decisions that benefit the company as a whole