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PHDS Consulting Gives You the Advantage

PHDS China represents a tremendous grouth opportunity for biopharmaceutical clients, yet the country's evolving regulatory environment can pose significant hurdles for product developement and registration.


PHDS leverages first-hand in-depth knowledge, more than 10 years of sophisticated experiences in China to help you navigate the evolving complex regulatory system, identify the best approach to keep your submissions on track, saving you critical time and money and fully realize the potential of your product in China.


PHDS can supply solutions for gaps in strategic resourcing, regulatory hurdle, enhance existing resources, or engage in longer-term joint development and planning activities as part of joint development teams.


With the infrastructure, experience and insight PHDS have, we provide customized service to expedite complex product development programs leading to successful regulatory approvals. Foundational to our expertise covers

· Pharmaceutical Products

· Biological Products

· Pharmaceutical Excipients 

· Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials

· Medical Devices

· Health Products

· Food Additives

· Health Foods/Food Supplements/Nutritional Supplements

· Novel Food Ingredients

· Disinfectants.