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Exchanges in Economy and Culture Being a Major Driving Force for the Healthy and Stable Growth of China-US Relations


China and the United States are two great countries in the world. One as a contrary-long superpower since last millennium and another as an emerging economic giant, collaboration between the two countries would greatly benefit the people of the two nations and the entire world as well. 

For the past 200 years, exchanges between the US and China, especially between the peoples of two nations, were never stopped by the cultural origins, language barriers, ideology differences, and the vast Pacific Ocean in between. While Chinese people always respect the civilization that American people developed in the past 200 years, Americans are also impressed by what China achieved in the past 30 years and its 5000 years long culture and history. Most importantly, both countries realize that collaboration, instead of confrontation, between two countries will be in the best interests of both nations, and in the best interests of the world. 

Promoting the exchanges and collaboration requires not only the government effort. Participation of non-governmental organizations and private sectors are also critical for building up a long-run, stable, and sustainable relationship between the two countries with grass-root support, USCEA, as a non-for-profit organization, is dedicated to promoting the exchanges and collaboration in the business, culture, and education areas between the two countries, and will continue its decade-long effort in promoting these exchanges. In the new year, USCEA will work more closely with government agencies and business organizations in both countries to meet the challenges down the road and contribute to the building of a better world which benefits each and everyone.