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Planning and Designing Ecological Science and Technology Development Industry Park in Ecological and Productive Regions


Transformational Changes are fermenting in China’s pharmaceutical eco-environment and the pharmaceutical industry is ushered into a brand new innovation time where new technologies and breakthroughs constantly emerge. Biopharmaceuticals stands out as a bright pearl at the top of the big health pyramid and it indicates the level of science and technology development of a country. But to be health-oriented exclusively for biopharmaceuticals means little for 1.4 billion Chinese population. And nothing is possible without people’s health. But a positive mind and a strong body can make a rich and prosperous country possible and bring light to national rejuvenation. Recently, more and more attention and emphasis have been given to the use of advanced science and technology into TCM and natural plants. Therefore, CRO do will play a significant role in the great cause of people’s health.


PHDS resorts to superposition in modern biotechnology and we probe into the nature, excavate ecological values and unlock ecological dynamics. PHDS intends to change from treatment-oriented pharmaceuticals technical service to nutrition & health-oriented health care. It puts prevention first and aims to initiate an ecological industry chain which features health care and body building. PHDS is intended to work synergetically to build a systematic ecological health industry park and associated health products and seeks to pump essential energy sources into the big health pyramid.