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PHDS was invited to attend the 2009 US-China Business Matchmaking Conference


As one of the China designated cooperative enterprises in Sino-US Cooperation Program for SMEs, CEO of PHDS and International Business Director of PHDS were invited to attend the 2009 US-China Business Matchmaking Conference. PHDS had very fruitful communication with three US mayors from Columbia (South Carolina), Davis (California) and Mountain View (California), and some Commercial Counselors from foreign embassies in China during this conference. And it would further develop the international business of PHDS positively and effectively.

This conference was hosted together by US-China Exchange Association, Global Alliance of SMEs, US National League of Cities, and National Research Center for Hi-tech Industrial Economy Development, etc. in Beijing. There were five American mayors, more than thirty American corporate delegations, and some other prestigious guests attended this conference, including the officials from the US Embassy in China, the counselors from Japanese and Korean Embassies in China, the Chairman of Global Alliance of SMEs, the Chairman of US-China Exchange Association, the relevant officials from China central and local governments, and hundreds of Chinese entrepreneurs, etc.

The conference was dedicated to promoting the both “win” exchanges and collaboration in the business area between the two countries, which was hosted with great historical significance during the situation of world economic downturn. The main domestic and international media reported this conference and it was a very successful meeting.

The Main Business Interest of the American Attendants:

  1. To invest in China.
  2. To purchase and export products;
  3. To look for technical and investment cooperation.
  4. To looking for OEM Manufactures.
  5. To provide sales agency service for Chinese products.

Name List of American cities:

  1. Columbia, South Carolina
  2. Sunnyvale, California
  3. Davis, California
  4. Hawaii County
  5. Mountain View, California

The name list of part of the distinguished guests:
Mr. William Spitler
Chairman, Global Alliance of SMEs
Former Director, New York Center, U.S. Department of Commerce 

Dr. George Wang
President, US-China Exchange Association
Member of Board, Intl. Council of NLC. 

Mr. Robert Coble
Mayor, Columbia, South Carolina 

Mr. E.W. Cromartie
Vice Mayor, Columbia, South Carolina 

Mr. Tom Means
Vice Mayor, City of Mountain View, CA 

Ms. Charmaine Lillita Shigemura
Assistant Mayor, Hawaii County, HI 

Ms. Sue Greenwald
Vice Mayor, City of Davis, CA 

Mr. Shawn He
Chairman, Meet China Biz 

Mr. Weiwen He
Former Commercial Counselor, Consulate-General of the P.R. China in New York 

The list of the American enterprise and government agencies into this conference:

  1. Products or Services: Steel Products, Construction, Warehousing, Logistics
  2. Meet China Biz
  4. GTA International, LLC
  5. Circle B LLC
  6. Graphiry Printing & Advertising
  7. Murray Town Salon
  8. Kooky Panda Ltd
  9. Bella Vista (U.S.A.) Land Company
  10. The JLJ Group
  11. East-Gate Asia
  12. US Fortune Group
  13. DP Bankruptcy and Creditor's Rights Practice
  14. Distressed Assets Division of Day & Pitney LLP
  15. The Export Consortium/Find New Market
  16. City of Mountain View, CA
  17. City of Davis, CA
  18. City of Columbia, South Carolina
  19. Hawaii County, HI
  20. Sino-America Trade Development Association
  21. UNIDO Investment Promotion Service, Beijing (UNIDO IPS)
  22. USA International Entrepreneurs Association
  23. Embassy of the Republic of Belarus
  24. Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia
  25. American General Business Association (China) Beijing Office
  26. Centre America Hi-tech Asia Transfer and Investment Center
  27. Georgia Department of Economic Development Beijing Office
  28. Tennessee China Development Center
  29. Pennsylvania Beijing Office
  30. The Hina Group
  31. Qinglan Bridge Cultural Exchange Programs
  33. FMI Asia
  34. China Association for Small & Medium Commercial Enterprises – GPAS Center