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PHDS was granted as the “Asia Famous and Fine Brand Award”


The forth Asia Brand Ceremony was hosted in Asia Hotel On September 11, 2009, which was a very successful three days conference. During this conference, PHDS was awarded the "Asia Famous and Fine Brand Award" while the CEO was presented the "The forth Asia Brand Innovation Personality Award". 

The forth Asia Brand Ceremony was jointly organized by Asia International Famous and Fine Brand Attestation Intendance Center, Asia Economy Magazine, China Enterprise News, The Association of China Economic and Information Press, National Development and Reform Commission, China Economic Trade Herald and China Economic Information of Economic Daily. The (ABAS) Experts Commitee, who created the conference and made the evaluation, gave out comprehensive scores from four dimensions to the brands within Asia. They appraised and selected the winner enterprises of “Asia Brand Top 500”, Asia Famous and Fine Brand Award”, “Asia Innovative Brand Top 10”, and so on. They have become the most popular and highest prize in Asia brand field.

Asia Brand Ceremony had been successfully hosted three times since the first conference in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. This conference focused on the core value of “Famous and Excellent Brands promotion, Outstanding Leaders selection, Innovation awareness popularization, and International Cooperation Enhancement”. Lots of famous and innovative brands were presented during this conference, which also aroused wide concern.

PHDS, by its outstanding performance, excellent brand popularity and reputation and the vast market share etc., was greatly recommended and granted the “Asia Famous and Fine Brand Award” by the Organizing Committee of Asia Brand Ceremony. From then, PHDS became one of the famous and excellent brands of Medical Science industry among the Award-win Brands.

The top 10 bands of “Asia Brand Top 500” were Toyota, Samsung, HSBC, Cannon, Honda, LG, Haier, Sony, TOSHIBA and Panasonnic.

Parts of enterprises of the “Asia Famous and Fine Brand Award” were Bank of Beijing, Guoyuan Securities Co. Ltd., Shenzhen Lightness Garment Co. Ltd., FRESTECH Co. Ltd., Qingdao Power & Heat Group, Beijing Oriental Plaza Co. Ltd., Xuebao Group, and so on.

"Asia Famous and Fine Brand Award”, as the highest standard annual events in Asia Brands, attracted lots of political leaders of Asian countries, brand specialists, entrepreneurs and celebrities. It is also an event with great domestic and oversea significance and widely praised by participants. The establishment of “Asia Famous and Fine Brand Award” is not only the certificate and inspiration to the awarded enterprises, but also a benchmark of the arising of Asia brands. We believe that, in the near future, there will be more and more Asia brands come into people’s sight, which will form an irresistible trend of history worldwide.