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PHDS' Senior Managers Attended BIT's 1st Annual International Conference of Medichem (ICM-2010)


PHDS’ senior managers have been invited to participated in the forum with top experts from the world at BIT’s 1st Annual International Conference of Medichem (2010) in Beijing and been involved in the seminars through the three-day’s conference program.

Medicinal Chemistry as a major tool in delivery of drug candidates plays an important role in drug discovery and development. With ever increasing demand on the MediChem R & D outsourcing to India and China, tremendous number of talented chemists is particularly interested in grasping the current themes in modern medicinal chemistry. The initiative of BIT's 1st Annual International Conference of Medichem-2010 (ICM-2010) is as the echo to the successful collaboration with American Chemical Society-Medichem Division at our 6th Annual Congress of International Drug Discovery Science and Technology (IDDST-2008) with the symposium of medicinal chemistry. We hope such an initiative can offer further high quality, broad spectrum medicinal chemistry program with the chemistry beauty and intelligence realizations for better molecules delivered through case studies, lectures on new strategies and methodologies, posters and exhibitions.