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PHDS is on its Comprehensive Digitalized Management Journey


Through one year procedures of exclusive design, tailor and development, a system integration program has been completed and a multi-functional, intellectualized management information system is implemented over PHDS in March 2011 and, from then on, the company is benefit from the comprehensive digitalized management.

The system, highly customized for PHDS, is a superior integrated solution and complete digitalized operation platform that integrate, automate, optimize and elevate over all business functions, like main business activities, customer service, business operation, marketing management, human resource, office affairs, financial management, information management, statistic analysis, data archiving, foreground and back stage database maintenance, etc. It makes PHDS stand in the forefront of our industry and is changing the way of the company growth leading PHDS on high-efficiency journey for its registration & regulatory affairs, preclinical study & clinical study process and consultating services.