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PHDS CEO reward by China Economy Development Forum 2011


With the guidance and support of the United Nations Development Program, jointly sponsored by the Xinhua News Agency Economic Information Daily, CNC, Xinhua Net, Xinhua Daily Telegraph, Reference News Newspaper, China Security Newspaper, Shanghai Security Newspaper, Xinhua News Agency Outlook Weekly, Comment Magazine, the China Economy Development Forum 2011 is grandly undertook by Xinhua News Agency Economic on Nov 19th 2011 at Beijing's Great Hall of the people. PHDS CEO was reward as “Lv Dong - China Economy Outstanding Figure 2011”.

As a result of the significance and urgency of the theme “China Economy and Globally Dramatic Changes”, and the obedience to “Research and Explore the Way of China Economy Development based on the Ground of Strategy Altitude and Practical Issues”, this year’s forum attracted public interest and support. Over 500 people, including the relevant national ministries and commissions’ officials, famous experts and scholars, representatives of cities, well-known entrepreneurs and news media, have attended the forum.

At the forum, Speeches by Li Yizhong (the deputy head of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Economic Committee and former minister of Ministry of Industry and Information), Li Yang (Vice President of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), Li Daokui (member of Monetary Policy Committee and the head of Tsinghua University China and the World Economy Research Center), Lai Xiaomin (president of China Huarong Asset Management Corporation) and Sun Jie (researcher of the Institute of World Economics and Politics of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) emphasized on the opportunities and challenging the Chinese Economy is facing under the global situation that global economic slowdown and the creep of sovereign-debt crisis in Europe. The opinion they hold is that in long term perspective the growth of Chinese economy may also slow down and China needs to commit to the balance of price inflation control and economy growth maintenance, and dedicate to a group of issues, like regional financing platform risks, soft landing of real estate and difficulty of SME finance.

For a better summary of the shining and bright points in Chinese economic and social development 2011, in an objective, just and fair principle, the forum committee has organized the election for Lv Dong China Economy Development Forum 2011, toward the domestic enterprises and entrepreneurs. The election is made by expert appraisal, sample questionnaire survey and internet votes. The “Lv Dong - China Economy Most Development Potential Enterprise 2011” and “Lv Dong - China Economy Outstanding Figure 2011” aim to honor and publicize the excellent enterprises and entrepreneurs who have made great contributions on China economic development progress. As said that if one sheep leaps over the ditch, all the rest will follow, it is with the vision that the power of role models would eagerly look forward to a better and faster economic development in China. The election results have been published on the main public media, like Economic Information, People Net, Xinhua Net, China Economy Net, Sina and Sohu.