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The light of morning in the new year brings PHDS a birlliant new point of departure for innovation. PHDS is, as always, moving ahead on the road of 'practical-mind', 'high-efficient', 'dynamic' and 'skyward'.

Digitalized corporate management process realized evolution of the structure of business. By technological innovation, PHDS is keeping on the steps in this constantly changing era.

One dynamic corporate should be those who bring positive power to the society. We believe that we can drive our associates, create joint value that sharing by corporate and society. With continuing innovation, some out-of-date thought and behaviors will be obsoleted by new mechanism.

Our people is fortune of PHDS. At PHDS, creativity is the key word of human development. The creative talent screening system displayed a diverse PHDS, along with some pleasantly surprised stories.

Creativity is the basestone of PHDS development progress. PHDS is willing to undertake more and more social responsibilities, with continuing innovation, towards a better tommorrow. In 2012, PHDS will step ahead the innovative journey. Some momorandum of understanding for technological innovation have been reached with the scientific research institutions, the resource integration and complementary advantages, hence, will be greatly promoted.