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PHDS CEO Addressed at the Third China Health Industry Convention- the Big Health Industry Brands Ceremony


PHDS CEO was invited to and addressed at the Third China Health Industry Convention- the Big Health Convention Brands Ceremony which centers on Embark on the 14th Five-Year Plan- New Journey and Formulate A New Development Pattern of the Big Health Industry. In the opening ceremony, Helen Tan delivered a speech and said: we now intend to turn to be health-centered instead of treatment-centered. As an international CRO company, PHDS now decides to tap into big health ecological development. It is a significant step away from solely technical R&D services and towards self-developed patent health products. PHDS’s intense desire to contribute its own share to the great causes of product planning, product development, ecological utilization and rural rejuvenation, as well as the common health of 1.4 billion Chinese people trigged a warm response from attendees.


To thoroughly interpret these themes and to seize the trend of the 14th Big Health Industry, relevant academicians, experts and scholars and industry representatives were invited to this ceremony. Relevant leaders and entrepreneurs probed into new opportunities, new future of China’s health industry under the 14th Five-Year Plan and discussed many topics, for example, as the new journey is ready to start and the new development pattern of the big health industry is in the making and Healthy China Campaign is under way, how to incorporate health industry to facilitate rural rejuvenation. Meanwhile, lots of events such as China Brands Ceremony & Key-Note Speeches, parallel forums, dialogues, special presentations, brands exhibitions, and VIP meetings were included.


As the secretary General of the organizing committee of the convention said, the new coronavirus pandemic brought about huge challenges to the health industry whereas it took a new development period to the medical and health service, TCM, women’s reproductive health, intelligent medical treatment, big health management, modern agriculture and other big health industries. This year witnessed the set off the 14th Five-Year Plan and the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC. It refreshed the Third China Health Industry Convention, triggered a collision of ideas among the attendees and facilitated the coordinated development of health, economy and society.