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Advancement of Clinical Research Organization in the field of medicine!!


In today's world, clinical research organizations have contributed many folds to the global health care system. These organizations have effectively contributed towards preclinical research and various clinical trials that determine safety and effectiveness of medications, diagnostic products, diagnostic devices, and treatment processes intended for people use.

Clinical research organizations offer multitude of services that include development of better and advanced products, formulation and manufacturing; undertaking clinical trials, providing for clinical laboratory services to process trial samples, data management and ensuring that mandatory legal and CFDA regulations are adhered to.

PHDS brings more than 20 years of experience in China and a reputation as a preeminent Clinical research organization (CRO) in China to help you navigate the evolving Chinese regulatory landscape and get your products into China faster. We offer a full spectrum of supports to you, including regulatory everything is available to you from our one-stop service. We leverage strong relationships with authorities and in-depth knowledge of Chinese regulatory processes and timelines to help you identify the best approach to keep your submissions on track, saving you critical time and money.

While considering preclinical research, we design and implement preclinical study and testing strategies and programs, which meets the appropriate regulatory requirements, to provide information about a new drug's pharmaceutical composition and safety in medicinal product development. We offer CMC regulatory documentation, pharmacology, toxicology study, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, quality assurance and compliance services.

Thus with PHDS one can avail full range of services that are covered under clinical preclinical research and clinical trials!!