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About PHDS

PHDS Healthcare Research is internationally recognized as the leading contract research organization (CRO) in China. PHDS is officially rewarded with “National Enterprise with AAA Grade in Service Quality” by China High-Tech Industrialization Cooperation Organization as well as “Asia Famous and Fine Award” by (ABAS) Experts Committee. PHDS was specially introduced on the Yearbook of State Food and Drug Administration (2009、2014) for its 10 years' anniversary. 

PHDS is providing broad and integrated portfolio of professional technical services for drugs, biological products, pharmaceutical excipients, pharmaceutical packages, medical devices, health food, food additives, novel food, disinfectants, drinking water device, cosmetics, etc. Particularly, we owe our expertise on the research, registration, clinical study, human study, consultancy of policy and statute, etc. for such products. 

PHDS dedicates to develop advanced Healthcare Information Technology System (HMIS/MT/FAS) to provide cutting-edge remote and global healthcare data management for international healthcare organizations and pioneers in this field. Also, for providing quality service, our quality assurance (QA), quality control (QC) measures and internal audit program, as part of PHDS integrated monitoring program, are implemented to produce data of known quality, and enhance the credibility in monitoring results. 

PHDS cooperates with one US respected testing facility to provide wider scale of CMO and CRO services and further support of drug development activities. PHDS works with multinational and domestic enterprises to register pharmaceutical and healthcare products in China and bring products into China. PHDS works for global leading biotechnology companies to implement high quality and efficient international multi-center clinical trials in China. 

PHDS's business spans 24 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as more than 40 countries from the six continents globally. The excellent cooperation experience with global companies from Europe, United States, Japan and other countries are the cornerstones of PHDS international business solutions. From clinical trials, to regulatory services, medical training, as well as comprehensive market access commercial services, we have earned our clients trust in PHDS brand. The long-term and full-inclusive cooperation with our clients takes more and greater proportion. Up to date, PHDS has completed 834 projects.